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XylaWorks is Your Competitive Advantage

XylaWorks reflects the musical background of its principals. After brainstorming over terms that we could tie into a new name, and being partial to our musical background, it was decided that 'Xyla' – derived from the word xylophone, and 'Works' would be a strong name that epitomizes the feedback we have received for our work ethic and outcomes for customers.

A xylophone is defined as a series of strips of wood or glass, graduated in length that when struck with a small hammer, have vibrative properties. Works can be defined as "collected as a whole." And that's what we are - an organization that offers an array of services, that when implemented, resonate for our customer's customers and create vibrations in the market.

We serve an international client base, covering five primary practice areas – Digital Transformation, Partner Excellence, Organizational Excellence, Business Advisory, and Research. No customer is too small, from an ideating entrepreneur to a Fortune 500 CEO that simply needs an expert extension of his or her team. We have the ideas and approaches only gained by doing, advising and executing.

XylaWorks represents a high level of intellect and an incomparable level of execution. Whether your needs are short-term or a program that spans fiscal years, we are seasoned, experienced and dedicated to getting you moving in the right direction.


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