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Digital Transformation That Resonates. XylaWorks can help you progress and create value in the digital age by complex solving business problems. We understand and have the experience delivering customer-centric, employee-driven experiences requires appropriate and purposeful digital transformation initiatives. We support you in changing the mindsets of your people (culture), and harnessing new ways of working through better-enabled technology, processes, and systems.

XylaWorks can help you to unlock the innovative power of applied intelligence from data, cognitive technologies, and digitalization; ensuring great experiences and improved operational efficiency. Partner with us to achieve great outcomes through enterprise agility. We can help.

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Partner Connections That Resonate. At the end of the day, the #1 goal of any alliance is to develop a joint value proposition to accelerate revenue for both organizations in the partnership. Our services are specific to those partners seeking a strategic relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft offers the Business Applications ISV Connect Program that enables partners to leverage the scale of Microsoft to grow their business. For some partners, doing business with Microsoft appears to be a daunting task. Let us help.

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Organizational Leadership Consulting That Resonates. Does your company need help developing employees and managing change? Do you have a plan in place to ensure smooth leadership transitions? Making changes in management, process and culture can lead to extraordinary growth for your company. But implementing change isn’t easy. That’s where XylaWork’s experts come in. Our consultants will help you.

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Business Advice That Resonates. XylaWorks Business Advisory is led directly by its principal, Dr. Alford. Dr. Alford has over 25 years of global experience in operations, marketing, management, leadership and technology. Having roles that began humbly as an intern to roles that evolved to a corporate director on Microsoft’s Worldwide Emerging Solutions and ISV Partner Recruiting, Dr. Alford can plug the gaps of knowledge for those organizations seeking a consultant’s view of their business, industry and next steps. A key differentiator for Dr. Alford in this area involves the 1000’s of customers and over 100 Fortune 500 companies that have benefited from his engagement.

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Special Projects and Outcomes That Resonate. XylaWorks has significant experience working with government, private-sector, entrepreneurs, small-businesses and publicly-traded organizations on market research and special projects. Most organizations have extremely talented team members with very limited experience in addressing ad hoc projects beyond their core competence. Leaders in these organizations simply need a partner that will “figure it out” without much direction. XylaWorks has filled this gap a number of times for many different organizations, investors and individuals.

Previous examples include:

  • College Dean Challenge: Create a competitive analyses of a specific market and develop a SWOTT to assess risk.
  • Mega Church Pastor Challenge: Perform qualitative interviews with music ministry across three locations for the purpose of assessing sentiment and their thoughts on improving the operational and performance quality.
  • Real Estate CEO Challenge: Create a tool track daily investment decisions to eliminate Excel spreadsheet usage.
  • M&A Investor Challenge: Sit in on this meeting with a potential target and provide your take on if we should proceed.
  • Doctors Group CEO Challenge: Develop a tool that manages credentialing of our anesthesiologists as well as assign them to hospitals, operating rooms and track calendars for availability.
  • Transit Agency VP Challenge: Perform an analysis of traffic to retail centers, create a solution to queuing at the centers and develop architectural renderings of a redesign of the retail centers.
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court Challenge: Create a system to track the various court dockets and provide secure access based on privileges.
  • Entrepreneur Challenge: Develop market research for a new product and create a pitch deck for investors based on research.
  • Investor Challenge: Take a look at this business plan and let me know the questions that I need to ask.
  • Non-Profit Founder Challenge: Sit in on three of my board meetings and provide an assessment of our maturity as well as make recommendations for how we can transition to a high-performing board.
  • Marketing VP Challenge: Create RFP framework for a marketing technology need and consult on the evaluation and selection process.

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