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At the end of the day, the #1 goal of any alliance is to develop a joint value proposition to accelerate revenue for both organizations in the partnership. Our services are specific to those partners seeking a strategic relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft offers the Business Applications ISV Connect Program that enables partners to leverage the scale of Microsoft to grow their business. For some partners, doing business with Microsoft appears to be a daunting task.

Our team makes Microsoft smaller, as we have direct experience in helping partners progress through the journey towards making the size of the revenue pie much larger. Our team can simplify the process of getting your app published in AppSource, and we can support you through the journey to coselling with Microsoft.



While our process translates to any reputable partner ecosystem, we are evangelists and enthusiasts of the value Microsoft Business Applications and Microsoft Power Platform offers.

Our model focuses on getting your solution into the AppSource market and aligning your organization with dedicated resources within Microsoft to support your success to graduate with at least one win with Microsoft.



The first phase of the journey for any partner is LEARN, which allows our team to learn your business, industry, competitors, goals, roadmap, and fit for the Microsoft ecosystem. This includes candid discussions about the maturity of your apps, the development of a business value brief, and an envisioning session. The purpose of this process is to ensure that you are prepared or eventual engagement with the Microsoft Technical team that will support vetting your solution towards either integration with the Business Applications or the Power Platform.


In the DESIGN phase, our team will drive discussions with your team and the Microsoft team to identify the system design touchpoints, close the envisioning phase to determine the architecture of the app, and round out this phase with support through Microsoft's implementation monitoring and workshops to prepare for the build stage.


In the COMMIT phase, our team will drive discussions with your team and the Microsoft team to ensure that you understand the revenue sharing model associated with the ISV Connect Program. Once you sign the addendum, you activate the team of dedicated resources within Microsoft that are employed to support your success.


During the BUILD phase, our team will manage the project to have your developers to build the solution that will be certified on the Microsoft AppSource marketplace. If help is needed in developing the solution, our team can make a recommendation of partners that have experience in this area. The goal in this area is to have an application available in AppSource that is cosell ready.


The LAUNCH phase is completely driven by Microsoft, but our team is there with you through this part of the journey. The LAUNCH includes validation of your solution and final confirmation of certification and availability in AppSource.


The GROW stage is where the ISV partner is now ready to begin generating revenue with Microsoft. This is where the Revenue Acceleration planning begins, as depending on the tier of your application, Microsoft will either proactively or reactively support your Go To Market (GTM) efforts.

Don't worry if this sounds complex. We not only understand the process but had responsibility for recruiting partners into it.

Let's accelerate your plans.

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